eToro has announced that they’ve lowered the first time minimum deposit amount to $200.  This comes just a matter of weeks after it was raised due to overwhelming demand on the platform during the crypto boom.    eToro is the worlds largest social trading platform and offers forex, stock, and crypto trading.

Thankfully as things have settled down a bit, eToro has lowered the minimum first deposit to $200.  This is great news for new traders who might have been put off by the higher capital requirements.  eToro has always pitched itself as a good platform for new traders, and this stays true to that ethos.

The $200 minimum only applied to first deposits for new customers.  This won’t have any affect on customers who have already made a deposit.

Most brokers have a minimum first deposit.  This is to ensure that clients have enough capital to successfully trade on the platform.  However it did seem like the higher minimum deposit etoro used to have was to slow down the number of people registering on the platform.