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easyMarkets adds Ripple and Ethereum trading

easyMarkets is continuing it’s push into cryptocurrency by adding Ripple and Ethereum trading.

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of over $84 billion.  The platform has uses beyond a currency and can be used to power distributed applications.  ICO tokens are also usually distributed through the platform.

Ripple, the worlds third most popular cryptocurrency is a real time settlement platform.  It’s seen as a “business/corporate” friendly cryptocurrency, with the backing of some of the worlds largest banks.

easyMarkets CFDs

easyMarkets is offering fixed spreads on their cryptos and guaranteed stop loss and take profits.  This is a big deal as cryptocurrencies can be extremely volatile.  Being able to exit a trade at the right time is essential.   One thing I don’t like about their product is the 7 day expiry.    Competing platform eToro offers a similar product without an expiry on the contract.


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  1. Thanks, Kim! I hope you give them a try!

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